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  • We are a complete guide for the new mama
  • We are a place to find the best breastfeeding, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and parenting of littles advice.
  • You will not only find how-to guides, what to buy, my favorites, and more but you’ll also find free printables sprinkled in, perfect to help the new mama!

We write about:

  1. baby names
  2. pregnancy products
  3. pregnancy tips
  4. babies
  5. raising littles
  6. breastfeeding hacks
  7. self-care for moms
  8. work at home jobs for moms
  9. and more!


Hello, my name is Janelle Marie and I’m the author of this blog. I’m the mama to three teen boys, probably more like young men at this point, and am married to Adam. We have a rescue dog named Charlie and reside in Texas.

I’ve been a mom since 2004, which means my oldest son (the one of the far left when looking at the picture above) is turning 19 this year. My middle son (the tall guy in the back) was born in 2006 and the guy up front in the picture was born in 2008. They’re 18, 16, 14 at the time I’m writing this.

It’s hard to believe how quickly their childhoods have gone. Seems like I blinked and they went from babies in my arms to big guys towering over me (or nearly there).

I have such a soft spot in my heart for young moms, especially first time mothers. There’s so much to know when you’re pregnant with your first baby. And even more to know after you’ve given birth to the baby.

In addition to the practical advice for young moms, like: pregnancy cream for stretch marks, to how many burp cloths to I need, to breastfeeding tips for beginners. I also write about choosing baby names and self-care for mothers and even legitimate work at home jobs for moms.

It’s my goal to make Mom to Littles a resource that feels like an honest chat with a close friend about the realities of being pregnant, giving birth, recovering, and raising up little babies and toddlers.

Welcome to the site! So glad to have you here.

(Just a few years ago, how much children change and grow in such a short time!)

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