Breastfeeding Gift Basket Ideas for New Nursing Mothers

Do you know a new mama that is planning to breastfeed her baby and you’d like to gift her something unique and special? How about a breastfeeding gift basket that you’ve lovingly put together?

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Breastfeeding doesn’t require a lot of products, but there is a handful that makes the journey of breastfeeding a bit easier. Any new mama would love to receive a basket of breastfeeding goodies.

Breastfeeding can become overwhelming and downright hard sometimes, especially if you’re new to nursing. A gift basket of goodies could make such a difference to the new mom.

I remember going into my breastfeeding experience with very little knowledge, tools, or products at my disposal. I would have loved a gift basket filled with goodies to help my journey feel easier and less lonely.

As a dear friend of the new mom, you have the opportunity to be part of her journey by gifting her a thoughtful gift basket.

This not only shows you care about her new baby but also expresses how much you love the new mom and how much you care about her successful breastfeeding experience.

breastfeeding gift basket

Breastfeeding gift basket ideas

You’ll find many ideas listed below. They aren’t all necessary in order to have a successful breastfeeding experience. I’m listing them all as options for you to built a beautiful gift basket so that you have lots of ideas to pick from.

You’re sure to be friend of the year when you make your pal a functional and yet caring basket for her breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding Basket Ideas

  1. BPA Free Water Bottle

A nursing mother requires a lot of water intake every day in order to keep hydrated and her supply up for baby. A nice quality water bottle would be a great addition to the gift basket.

2. Flavored Water Packets

After awhile drinking all the water you must for nursing, a mother can have a harder time choking it down. Water has no real flavor to it and is rather bland and boring. Why not add some flavored water packets to her gift basket so she can add them occasionally to her required water.

3. Nipple Cream

Nipples get sore from breastfeeding, I’ve not know a single breastfeeding mother who hasn’t had to use nipple cream a time or two. It helps soothe the nipples in between feedings.

4. Nipple Shield

Some woman need to use nipple shields in order to feed their babies without pain. While breast to baby is the best for milk supply and such, if the baby can’t nurse well, or there’s a problem with the nipple, a temporary (or fulltime) use of a nipple shield may help.

5. Nipple Covers

Different than a nipple shield, nipple covers are to be used in between breastfeeding to help with leaking and give a soft layer between nipple and bra or clothing. Nipples will be sensitive from nursing. Nipple covers will help ease that a bit.

6. Breast Pump

Every nursing mom could use a breast pump. Even if they don’t plan to use the pumped milk for their baby in a bottle, there will likely be excess milk that the mom needs to pump out. And if the mother is planning to nurse at the breast but also via a bottle, pumping will be necessary.

7. Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is a must. It helps prop the baby up closer to the breast, makes it more comfortable for both baby and mommy, and can help with posture as well. There are many designs available that you’re sure to find a style for any mother.

8. Breastfeeding Journal/Log

It’s helpful to keep track of your nursing sessions, especially in the beginning when weight gain is extra important for newborns. A journal or log will be helpful for the new mother.

9. Cold Pads

When breasts and nipples are sore, cold pads can help ease that discomfort. Just place them inside the bra and up against the breast/nipples and allow the cold compress to work its magic.

10. Milk Storage Bags

When pumping breast milk, the new mother will need milk storage bags. These will be stored in the freezer and be convenient to use for bottle feeding the baby when the breast isn’t available.

11. Bottles for Breastfeeding

Certain bottles are better for going in between feeding at the breast and supplementing with pumped milk, or even formula. Depending on the design of the nipple and bottle, it can help with nipple confusion going between breast and bottle.

12. Lactation Massager

This product may come in handy to help ease any discomfort associated with breastfeeding such as: breast pain issues caused by clogged ducts, engorgement, tenderness, or other sore spots.

13. Bottle Warmer

Whenever the new mama decides to move between nursing at the breast and feeding from the bottle, she’ll need a gentle warmer to warm her breast milk. It’s not advisable to microwave, or warm on the stove, the breast milk, so a milk warmer is a great product for a breastfeeding mom.

14. Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are a must. They simply have a cut out for the breast to be exposed easily for the baby to nurse. You can find them in many styles, sizes, and designs.

15. Nursing Tops

Another must for nursing mothers are breastfeeding tops. These are often quite discrete and allow for mom to take down one side of the top and nurse the baby.

16. Breastfeeding Books

Any new mama could benefit from a book on breastfeeding. Nursing can be quite overwhelming to a new mother, especially one who has never nursed before. A book about nursing would be a great source of encouragement and education.

17. Healthy Snacks

And finally, how about load up that gift basket with tasty and nutritional snacks for the nursing mom? Things like low sugar protein bars, protein shakes, string cheese and pretzels and so on.

breastfeeding products

Putting together the basket

You can find really cute baskets online to fill up with your gifts. Not only does it make for a great presentation, but it’s also practical for the mother to reuse or even store the goodies in.

You could also share with her this breastfeeding tips for beginners article I wrote that will encourage her through her nursing journey.

Filling up a basket makes the new mama feel:

  • loved
  • special
  • care for
  • important
  • and valuable

You’re genuine support and care for her may be the difference between a positive nursing experience or not.

Happy shopping and gift giving!

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XOXO, Nell

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