21 Gifts for Pregnancy: The Ultimate List of Goodies for Pregnant Moms in 2023

Are you searching for the best gifts for pregnancy?

In need of unique and trusty ideas that just about any pregnant woman would be interested in?

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Did you know that according to the CDC there were 3,659,289 births in the United States in 2021? That is a lot of babies born. And that means there were a whole lotta pregnant women that year.

Chances are, you know a woman who is pregnant right now – directly or on social media – and you need some gift ideas.

Whether you are of birthing age and are more entrenched in the pregnancy and baby years or are older and a little more out of touch with the trends of gifts for pregnant women, this article will help you in finding gifts.

There’s so much to pick from when choosing a gift.

Anything from:

  • lotions
  • gift boxes
  • belly pillows
  • yoga balls
  • gift a day at the spa
  • cozy jammies
  • personalize a gift like robes with her initials

There’s so much to pick from, so let’s just jump into this gifts for pregnancy list!

gifts for pregnancy

  1. Pregnancy Pillow

Just about every pregnant woman would love a pregnancy pillow to help ease the discomfort while sleeping. If you aren’t aware of these special pillows, they are shaped to support the belly and back of a pregnant woman.

These pillows can range anywhere from $25 to $60, depending on different factors such as if the pillow wraps around the back, how plush it is, and so on.

If you feel unsure about which she’d prefer, you could always give her a gift card instead and allow her to purchase the exact pillow she’d like.

2. Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal is a sweet and thoughtful gift that allows the new-mom-to-be the chance to record her intimate thoughts and experiences from her pregnancy. This may be a great option for a first-time mom who will cherish her journal for years to come.

Often pregnancy journals allow the pregnant woman to jot down the milestones of the pregnancy, sonogram pictures, belly pictures, and more. You can find journals online and places such as Amazon ranging anywhere from $15-$30 on average.

3. Stretch Mark Cream Set

What pregnant woman doesn’t want to prevent stretch marks? We love our growing bellies but we also ideally would like not to have stretch marks. And though you can’t always prevent them, there are creams that will help your skin stay moisturized and could help keep them at bay.

You can find stretch mark cream sets on sites like Amazon. You can find creams for as little as $8 up to $50+ depending on the name brand and ingredients.

4. Sonogram Art

Did you know that there are many talented artists who can make a baby’s sonogram into art? Places like Etsy.com have heartbeat art pieces and sonogram art pieces.

Anything from water color wall art, to digital art, to even embroidered art and keychains with the baby’s sonogram. This is a very unique gift for a pregnant mother.

5. Keepsake Letter Box

Some pregnant woman write letters to their babies and need a beautiful place to keep those letters. A keepsake box would be a nice gift, something practical but also beautiful.

You can find these boxes on places like Amazon. Just type in keepsake box and you’ll find a lot of great options.

gifts for pregnant woman

6. Hospital Bag for Pregnant Woman

Every woman who plans to give birth in the hospital needs a bag for all her essentials. Why not gift her with a beautiful and functional bag just for the hospital?

If you go to Amazon and type in “hospital bags for labor and delivery” it’ll pull up many different bags to pick from.

There are lovely bags and you could add some essentials for the bag as an extra added surprise.

Some items you could include:

  • water bottle (moms who breastfeed need a lot of water)
  • nipple cream
  • soothing wipes
  • pads
  • disposable postpartum underwear
  • lotion
  • nursing pads
  • cozy slippers
  • lightweight robe

7. Foot Massager 

You can find foot massagers or a water foot massager, which would be extra soothing and nice. You can find massagers just about anywhere but, of course, Amazon has a wide variety.

Pregnant woman often have achy and swollen feet and I can’t think of a better gift than a foot massager.

8. Cozy PJ’s

I loved being cozy when I was pregnant and dare I say, most pregnant woman do. A cozy pair of pajamas would be any pregnant woman’s dream. You can find sleep shirts if you aren’t sure of pant sizes.

Anything cozy and that induces cozy is a great gift idea for any mom to be.

9. Yoga Ball

A yoga ball can help relieve pressure on the pelvis, lower back, and spine for the mom to be. And according to The Birth Collective a yoga ball can also encourage your pelvic muscles’ opening to allow room for the baby to descend, ready for birth. All good things.

You can get your friend or loved one a yoga ball and then link her to this video all about using a yoga ball while pregnant.

10. Personalized Robe

Along a similar vein of cozy PJ’s, how about a personalized robe with her initial. Or any comfortable robe at that. Something easy to slip into and fit around the growing belly.

Etsy has nice personalized robes to choose from.

11. Slippers

Like the robe and PJ’s, slippers would be a sweet treat of cozy for the pregnant foot. I love these slippers but there are many endless types of cozy slippers to choose from. You can find them online or locally.

Why not make it a whole cozy outfit and do a robe, PJ’s and slippers for the ultimate in cozy?

12. Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Have a super special pregnant woman in your life that you want to gift with a pregnancy photo shoot? This is a beautiful way for a pregnant woman to document her growing belly and have a wonderful keepsake of her pregnancy for the rest of her life.

You could find a local one in your area by going to Google or even asking local friends or family if they know of anyone.

13. Pregnancy and Birth Affirmation Cards

Pregnancy can be overwhelming, scary, and hard for many women. Not to say it isn’t a beautiful experience but at the same time there is a life growing inside your belly, your body is changing, and you know your life is about to change drastically.

This is where affirmation cards come in handy. They are specifically made for pregnant woman to be used during pregnancy and also while birthing the baby.

If you search Etsy for pregnancy affirmation cards or birth affirmation cards you’re sure to find great options.

14. Jewelry

Many women love receiving jewelry as a gift and there are some pretty options for mothers to be. Some of that would be necklaces that say something like “mother”, “mama”, “mom”, and “mommy”.

You could consider the birthstone of the baby however if the baby’s due date is close to another month I’d keep that in mind as due dates can go as much as 2 weeks over sometimes.

If you search Etsy for “jewelry for pregnant mom” you’ll find some fun options for a pregnant woman.

15. Pregnancy Related Shirt

Speaking of Etsy, have you browsed that website lately for pregnancy related shirts? They have so many clever and cute shirts for pregnant women.

Including designs like:

  • pregnant af
  • prangry
  • napping for two
  • baby loading please wait
  • mama
  • a baby is brewing
  • and so many more!

When purchasing clothing you’ll want to know the mothers typical shirt size and purchase that IF it’s a true maternity shirt. Meaning, made to fit a pregnant belly. If you’re purchasing a regular cut t-shirt you’ll want to make sure you’re sizing correctly so that the belly fits.

If it’s a surprise, maybe contact her significant other for the correct t-shirt size.

16. Mama Mug

What about a mama mug? There are many cute choices online. I’ve seen mugs such as “mama”, “best mom ever”, “mama bear”, and “mama” with her children’s names under the name mama.

We found a beautiful mug with a painted pregnant mama and flowers on it. You can find that here.

17. Pregnancy Related Book

If you have a new mama to be in your life that has never been a mother before, a pregnancy related book may be a perfect gift for her. Something that shares about what happens at each week of pregnancy, how to prepare for birth, and so on.

You can find those types of books at any bookstore or online at Amazon.

18. Pregnancy Calendar

Want to help the new mama to be count down her weeks of pregnancy? There are calendars available for pregnant woman who want to experience the joys of each week, finding out the size of the baby at each week, and pregnancy facts.

I found a really fun pull calendar that she can pull each each day away and read more about how her baby is developing. You can find it here.

19. Gift Basket of Snacks

Make any pregnant woman happier with a basket of snacks. Think a mixture of healthy and salty and sweet. Maybe some fruit with nuts and pretzels and a pack of M&M’s. Or maybe even a basket of cheeses and breads.

You can find foodie gift baskets online or get creative and put together one yourself. I’m sure she will love it!

20. Flowers

A safe bet when all else fails, flowers! Who doesn’t like flowers? Think of her favorite flowers or think of the baby’s due date birth flowers.

You can find flowers online or in your local grocery or flower shop.

If she works, what about sending them to her workplace as a special way to bring a smile to her face at work?

21. Essential Oil Diffuser and Lavender

And lastly, a beautiful essential oil diffuser and some lavender essential oils to encourage a nice restful nights sleep, a beautiful and natural way to unwind at the end of the day, would be a lovely gift.

I use Plant Therapy for diffusing essential oils. But there are many companies online that sell. I would just be cautious about purchasing oils in local stores as they typically aren’t the quality you need in an oil.

pregnant woman gifts

Choosing your gift – wrapping it up

A mother to be is typically in this whole new exciting world. A place where she is excited, happy, in love, worried, anxious, learning everything she can about the baby, loving her growing body, hating her growing body, and all the things. She is soaking it all up and enjoying every bit of it. Well, maybe not the swollen ankles and nausea.

And, when you celebrate in this with her, you’re showing her you’re so happy for her, you’re in this with her, and you’re celebrating her and her experience. It’s going to be received well no matter what you gift to her because it shows you care and you’re happy for her.

So, whether you choose something from this list or not, when the gift comes from the heart, it will be received with gratitude and happiness.

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XOXO, Nell

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