Middle Names for Isabella: 70+ Names and Their Meanings

So you’ve scoured the ‘net for the perfect first name for your baby girl and decided on the lovely name of Isabella. All that time and effort and agreeing with your significant other only to realize you now have to find and agree on middle names for Isabella.

You may be ready to throw in the towel or maybe you just want help putting names together. Whatever the case, we’re here to help. This isn’t just a long list of middle names thrown together. We know that can be just as overwhelming, just another long name list to scroll through and decide upon.

This list was carefully curated and broken down into categories, which you’ll find below. But, the best part is that we pair Isabella with the middle name and the meaning of the middle name all within a glance.

middle names for isabella

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Middle names for Isabella

Before we get into the great middle name options for your baby, let’s look at Isabella a bit just in case you haven’t had time to explore fun facts about this name.

The meaning of Isabella: devoted to God or God is my oath

History of the name: The name Isabella is of Spanish and Italian origin. It is a variation of the name Elizabeth, which is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my oath”. In the following centuries, the name Isabella became popular throughout Europe and was borne by many queens and noblewomen.

It was also used as a literary name, appearing in works such as Shakespeare’s play “Measure for Measure” and Edgar Allan Poe’s story “The Fall of the House of Usher”. The name Isabella became more popular in the United States in the 1990s, and it has remained a popular name for girls in recent years.

Potential nick names: 

  • Bella – meaning: beautiful
  • Izzy – meaning: God’s promise
  • Isa – meaning: salvation of God/strong-willed
  • Bell – meaning: beautiful
  • Ella – meaning: beautiful/Goddess

Famous people named Isabella:

  • Isabella Rossellini – Italian actress
  • Isabella I of Castile – Spanish Queen of Castile
  • Isabella II of Spain – 19th century queen of Spain who ruled from 1833 to 1868. She was the last queen of Spain to have actual political power.

Famous people named Bella:

  • Bella Thorne – American actress, singer, and social media personality.
  • Bella Hadid – American fashion model, television personality and social media influencer.
  • Isabella May Ramsey –  English actor known for her role as young noblewoman Lyanna Mormont in the Game of Thrones

Choosing a middle name:

When thinking about a middle name for Isabella, say the names together out loud. Something about speaking the names together brings more life to the lanes than thinking them in your head. They can also sound different spoken than thought, as strange as that may sound.

Also consider how the names sound with your last name and consider initials.

names for isabella

Middle Names with 1 Syllable:

All the below names are 1 syllable, which are great to pair with a longer first name. They could also be great with a nick name and the middle name used together. Like, Izzy Mae or Bella Blue. Consider speaking the names together out loud in order to get the full effect of the name before crossing a name off your list.

Blythe – meaning: happy, carefree

Blue – meaning: color

Mae – meaning: bitter or pearl

Lane – meaning: path, roadway

Blaine – meaning: yellow

Lee – meaning: clearing, meadow

Fern – meaning: plant

Jo – meaning: God is gracious

James – meaning: supplanter

Rue – meaning: herb, regret

Wren – meaning: small bird

Snow – meaning: none that we found

Lux – meaning: light

Jane – meaning: God is gracious

Lou – meaning: renowned warrior

Rose – meaning: rose, flower

Blake – meaning: fair haired, dark

Quinn – meaning: descendent of Conn

Eve – meaning: life

Reese – meaning: ardor

Sloane – meaning: warrior, raider

Standout name: Isabella Eve

middle girl names

Names with 2 Syllables:

The names below all have 2 syllable sounds to them, which go beautifully with the name Isabella. Pro tip: before crossing off a name, remember to speak names out loud together so you can get the full effect of the name.

Elsie – meaning: pledged to God

Lumi – meaning: snow

Emmer – meaning: grain

Arden – meaning: great forest

Louise – meaning: renowned warrior

Goldwyn – meaning: golden friend

Nora – meaning: honor, shining light

Sophie – meaning: wisdom

Poppy – meaning: red flower

Mylene – meaning: drop of the sea, star of the sea

Ivy – meaning: vine

Maisie –  meaning: pearl

Harper – meaning: harp player

Esme – meaning: beloved

Arley – meaning: hare meadow

Anya – meaning: grace

Orla – meaning: golden princess

Esti – meaning: star

Remi – meaning: oarsman

Goldie – meaning: made of gold

Navy – meaning: military at sea

Lennon – meaning: lover

Mae – meaning: goddess of spring

Standout name – Isabella Esti

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Names with 3 Syllables:

The names below all have 3 syllables. Paired with Isabella make for a great option for a fuller or even more dramatic sounding name combo. They are so lovely together and would be great for any little girl. Like the other names, we recommend speaking them out loud together so you can get the full effect of the name.

Aurora – meaning: dawn

Violet – meaning: purple

Eleanor – meaning: light-hearted, shining light

Everly – meaning: wild boar in woodland clearing

Louisa – meaning: famous warrior

Madison – meaning: son of Matthew

Margaret – meaning: pearl

Elodie – meaning: foreign riches

Lenora – meaning: light

Khaleesi – meaning: queen

Evelyn – meaning: desired child

Adora – meaning: beloved one

Clementine – meaning: merciful

Everson – meaning: ever

Lucinda – meaning: light

Genevieve – meaning: of the race of women

Standout name: Isabella Elodie 

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Alliterative Names (names that start with the same sound):

If you want an extra fun touch, try an alliterative name. Using the same letter as the first name, it makes for a more sing songy name. Speaking the names together and out loud will help you decide if you like the names together and for your baby girl.

Iris – meaning: rainbow

Irie – meaning: peace, harmony

Ivy – meaning: climbing evergreen plant

Isadora – meaning: gift of Isis

Iona – meaning: dove

Ireland – meaning: land of abundance, fertile land

Irene – meaning: peace

Indigo – meaning: a deep blue dye

Ingrid – meaning: beautiful

Isla – meaning: island

Ida – meaning: industrious, prosperous

Standout name: Isabella Irene

cute baby girl names

Wrapping up: Choosing the best middle names for Isabella

We hope that the names provided in this article were exactly the ideas you needed in order to choose the best middle name for your baby girl.

Some ending tips when picking a middle name:

  • Consider the flow and sound of the first, middle, and last names together. The middle name should complement the first and last names and create a pleasant sounding combination.
  • Take into account personal significance or family heritage. You can choose a middle name that has a special meaning to you or your family, such as a family name or a name that honors a loved one.
  • Think about the meaning and origin of the name. Some middle names have a special meaning, like a name that means “hope” or “bright”, it could be a perfect fit to your daughter’s name.
  • Remember to speak the names together out loud, write them together, use them with the last name, and test them out with friends and family, if you need help deciding between a few.

Wishing you the best with choosing a name combo!

Should you use a name on this list, we’d love to know! You can email us anytime so we can share in your baby joy.

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