64 Middle Names for Olivia: Their Meanings and Origins

If you’re naming your new baby girl Olivia, congratulations! Olivia is a timeless and classic name with a rich history dating back to ancient Rome. But what about middle names for Olivia?

The middle name can provide a chance to add personal meaning or a family connection to your baby’s name. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best middle names for a girl named Olivia, covering traditional, unique, and modern options.

Whether you’re looking for something that complements Olivia’s classic charm or adds a touch of individuality, you’re sure to find inspiration in this list of middle names for girls named Olivia.

I’ve scoured my resources to put together the ultimate middle names for the first name Olivia, list. I know you’re going to just love these! 

Pro Baby Naming Tips: 

  • Make a running list of name you immediately love
  • Make a running list of names you like but don’t fall in love with
  • Say the names out loud together – you’d be amazed how that can change your mind on a name
  • Write them out together with your baby’s last name to check the overall flow

You may be surprised which names you end up gravitating toward when doing it this way.

middle names for olivia

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Middle Names for Olivia

Before we get into all the beautiful and unique middle names for Olivia, I wanted to go over the first name you’ve chosen, Olivia. While you may already know the facts about this name, you may not, so let’s make sure you have the opportunity to fall even more in love with this name before moving on. 

What does the name Olivia mean?

Meaning: The name Olivia is a Latin name meaning “olive” or “olive tree.” It’s the feminine form of Oliver.

The olive tree was a symbol of peace, prosperity, and hope in ancient times, which is why the name became popular for baby girls. The name Olivia became popular in the late 19th century and has remained popular ever since.

Ranking in the US:

Olivia ranked #1 in 2021 according to the social security website. *

Pronunciation: Oh-LIV-ee-ah

Famous Olivia’s: 

  • Olivia Munn
  • Olivia Newton-John
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Olivia Rodrigo

Possible Nicknames for Olivia:

  1. Liv
  2. Livi or Livie or Livvie
  3. Ollie


names for olivia

Sweet middle names for the name Olivia

#1: Madalie

Olivia Madalie

Like Natalie but with an M – this is a unique and memorable middle name for Olivia. Madalie means from Madeline. 

#2: Sparrow

Olivia Sparrow 

Sparrow, like the sweet little bird, is a feminine and unique name for Olivia. Sparrow means small bird.

#3: Ainsley

Olivia Ainsley 

Ainsley is a beautiful name and it means hermitage and clearing. It can be a unisex name and also a surname. 

#4: Summit

Olivia Summit

Summit can be a boy name or a girl name, making it flexible in nature in that way. It means highest point of a mountain.

#5: Rhona

Olivia Rhona 

Rhona is a Welsh name and it means Fair lance; fair, slender. I love the way the first and last name end with an short A sound. It’s sing-songy and pretty. 

#6: Avie

Olivia Avie 

Isn’t Avie a sweet name? Avie is derived from Ava. Avie means my father. If you like the name Ava but want something more unique, consider Avie. 

#7: Tahnee

Olivia Tahnee 

Tahnee or Tawny means golden brown. It’s of Irish origin. 

#8: Truvy

Olivia Truvy

Truvy is of German origin and means a person who appreciates beauty. I love the flow of Olivia and Truvy together. 

#9: Elodie

Olivia Elodie

Elodie is so pretty! And no wonder, as it’s a French name. The French have a beautiful accent and language and beautiful names. Elodie means foreign riches

#10: Vietta

Olivia Vietta

Another beautiful short a ending name to match the first name, Olivia. It’s of French origin and means small town. 

#11: Avenlie

Olivia Avonlea 

Avonlea (or you can spell it Avenlie for a slightly different sound) means river by a field. If you’re a fan of Anne of Green Gables you’ll know Avonlea is a fictional Canadian town. Something fun? It inspired a real Canadian town to adopt the name. I love this name fit with Olivia!

#12: Insley

Olivia Insley

Insley is a surname and would sound lovely with Olivia. If you like names with the ley sound at the end, this unique option would be beautiful with your little girl’s name of Olivia. 

#13: Sterling

Olivia Sterling

Sterling is a surname and in English baby names the meaning is high quality; pure. While the name Sterling is traditionally more of a boy name, I think it’s lovely for a girl’s middle name as well. It has a feminine bend to it that I think lends itself to a girl name.

the best middle names for girls

Middle names for Olivia continued

#14: Rhue

Olivia Rhue

Rhue is another surname. Or you could go with the spelling of Rue. Either spelling gives the same sound. And what a beautiful sound with the first name of Olivia. It’s sweet and could pass as a southern sounding name. The name Rue is of English and Greek origin and means herb or regret. 

#15: Sovanna

Olivia Sovanna

Another middle name with the same short a sound at the end of the first name, it flows well together. Sovonna is a Cambodian girl name. 

#16: Wren

Olivia Wren

Wren is another bird sweet bird name that would go perfectly with the first name of Olivia. Short, sweet, and unique. It’s British in origin and means small brown songbird.

#17: Eve

Olivia Eve

Eve is a short and perfect choice for the middle name Olivia. Speak them out loud and hear how well they go together. Eve means life or living and it’s a biblical name. The name of the first woman, to be specific. 

#18: Mavis

Olivia Mavis

Mavis is French in origin and means songbird. A great alterative if you’d like a bird middle name without a literal bird name. Also great if you like a more vintage sounding name.

#19: Evangeline

Olivia Evangeline 

If you are looking for something long and beautiful, the middle name Evangeline would be a great name to consider. It’s of Greek origin and means bearer of good news.

#20: Alessi

Olivia Alessi

Alessi is such a gorgeous name, don’t you think? This names means defender and is of Italian origin. Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham names their firstborn daughter this name, which is how I first learned of the name and fell in love with it. 

#21: Rose

Olivia Rose

Rose means flower and is of Latin origins. It’s a perfectly lovely name on its own but when paired with Olivia, it just rolls right off the tongue. I love how it’s a short middle name with a longer first name. 

#22: Emryn

Olivia Emryn 

Emryn is a name I had some difficulty finding the origin and meaning of. I did happen upon a website called Mom.com and they have the name listed as coming from the Irish name Emer. Emer means swift. If you were to choose the name Emryn, you’d be choosing a unique name that not only goes well with the first name of Olivia but would be cute shortened like Ollie Em or Livie Em. 

#23: Yvie

Olivia Yvie

Yvie which sounds like Evie has many possible origins, including Hebrew, French, and Greek. Possible meanings are alive, hazelnut, and good news. The meaning for the spelling as Evie is life. You could use either spelling, depending on how unique you’d like the name, or the meaning you prefer. 

#24: Aurora

Olivia Aurora

Want a middle name with a southern sound to it? It comes from Latin origins and means dawn. These two together have a nice dramatic ring to them, don’t they? 

#25: Delphine

Olivia Delphine

The name Delphine is of French origin and is derived from Delphi. It means of Delphi or womb. It’s a unique name and pairs well with Olivia. 

sweet middle names for girls

More middle names for Olivia

#26: Marigold

Olivia Marigold

Marigold is a flower but the origins of the name are English and the meaning is golden flower. How whimsical is that name combo?! I think your little girl would grow up loving her middle name.

#27: Noelle

Olivia Noelle

Noelle is a beautiful name and close beautifully with Olivia. Noelle is French in origin, derived from Noel, and means Christmas or the Lord’s birthday.

#28: Blaise

Olivia Blaise

The name Blaise is so cool and would give the popular name of Olivia a twist with it’s unique sound and spelling. It is of French origin and means lisp or stutter. While it doesn’t have the most flattering meaning, the name itself is stunning. 

#29: Elise

Olivia Elise

Elise is of Latin origin and means God’s promise. I love the two vowels at the start of each name and how those names flow so well together. I think the styles of the names are complimentary as well. 

#30: Quinn

Olivia Quinn

Isn’t Quinn so precious? I just love that name. I’ve heard the name before but a social media influencer who had a baby girl recently named her Quinn and it stuck in my mind since she talks about her often. If you speak Olivia Quinn out loud I think it sounds like an author or even actress. I just love the two together. Irish in origin and means wise. 

#31: Harlow

Olivia Harlow

Harlow is such a cool name, don’t you think? And paired with Olivia, I think it sounds just wonderful. A strong name, warrior name, and one that means army hill or rock hill. It’s English in origin. 

#32: Rosen

Olivia Rosen

The name Rosen is of German origin and means burning bush or rose. It is gender neutral in a nature and would make a strong first name or a beautiful middle name when paired alongside Olivia.  

#34: Lue

Olivia Lue

Lue means light and it has origins in Latin, French, and English. I just love Olivia Lue together, it’s sweet and precious. A name combo I’d consider if I were to have a daughter.  I love the nickname of Livie Lue as well. 

#35: James

Olivia James

While James is traditionally a boys name, it has become more gender neutral in recent years. I find it to be one of those names that can go so well for a boy or a girl. And when paired together with Olivia; it has such a nice sound to it. James is Hebrew in origin and means supplanter.

#36: Lee

Olivia Lee

Another great option if you like a short middle name with the name Olivia, which has 4 syllables. Lee means clearing in the woods or meadow and is English in origin. A great name for those who want a more classic middle name. 

#37: Dove

Olivia Dove

Dove is such a cute name and continues on with the bird names in this list. Can you tell I think bird names are beautiful? And I’m not the only one. I’ve seen bird names on more and more baby name lists as of lately. Dove means peace and is English in origin. 

#38: Poppy

Olivia Poppy

Love cute and whimsical names like Poppy but not for a first name? How about giving your little girl this sweet middle name to go along with Olivia? What a darling name combo. The name is Latin and means red flower. 

names for olivia

#39: Rosalie

Olivia Rosalie

Such a lovely name Rosalie is. It means rose garden. What a beautiful meaning to a beautiful name. The name is of French origin and flows so well with the first name Olivia. 

#40: Milou

Olivia Milou

Milou is a unique name and compliments the first name of Olivia. I love a classic and more common name alongside a more unique name. Milou is of French origin. The meaning is debated as there are a few sources that all say different things about its meaning. I’ve seen anything from star of the sea to snowy or bitter warrior. 

#41: Abigail

Olivia Abigail

Abigail is a classic name. I love the way it sounds with Olivia. This is a great option for those who wish for more classic flow to the first and middle name. Abigail is Hebrew in origin and means father’s joy or cause of joy. 

#42: Rae

Olivia Rae

Rae is a beautiful middle name for any little girl. Rae means ewe. An ewe is a female sheep. The name is of Hebrew origin. Olivia Rae could be a typical name, in that you don’t use the middle name with the first name, they’re two separate names. OR, you could call your baby girl Olivia-Rae. There is a social media influencer who has named her baby girl Annie-Rae and they call her by that full name. It’s very cute. Either way, Rae is a great sound with Olivia.

#43: Jeanne

Olivia Jeanne

The name Jeanne feels more vintage in nature. If you’re looking for a vintage inspired middle name that flows well with Olivia, this could be it. It’s French in origin and means God is gracious. 

#44: Irene

Olivia Irene

This is another vintage name that would flow well with Olivia. Irene means peace and is Greek in origin. If you have an Irene in the family, this would be a great opportunity to name your daughter after her. If you don’t and just love the name, it goes so great together. Vintage names are becoming more popular, however, I haven’t heard a lot of people choosing Irene. So, this could be a great vintage option that isn’t too popular right now.

#45: Lorne

Olivia Lorne

Lorne is unique and means fox. The name is gender natural and is of English origin. A famous Lorne is Lorne Michaels, the producer of Saturday Night Live. 

#46: Marie

Olivia Marie

Marie is a classic and common middle name. And you can see why. Just about any first name goes well with Marie, including Olivia. My own middle name is Marie. It’s a beautiful name and means star of the sea or bitterness, depending on the origin. It is French or Hebrew in origin.

#47: Meadow

Olivia Meadow

Meadow is a fresh, timeless, unique, and versatile option for a middle name. It compliments the first name of Olivia in a whimsical way. Meadow means grassy field and is English in origin.

#48: June

Olivia June

June is a classic name that has been used for generations, making it a timeless choice for your baby girl. Olivia June rolls off the tongue and seems perfectly suited together. June is Latin in origin and means young.

#49: Suri

Olivia Suri

Suri is simple, chic, and memorable and has become more known with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes using the name for their daughter. Suri means princess and is of Persian origin.

#50: Ashby

Olivia Ashby

Ashby is typically used for boys, but it can also be used for girls. The name has a strong and confident feel to it, making it a great choice for parents who are looking for a name that is both unique and assertive. The name Ashby is of English origin and means ash tree farm.

#51: Posey

Olivia Posey

Posey is typically used for girls and has a sweet and whimsical feel to it, making it a great choice for parents who are looking for a name that is both unique and charming. The name is English in origin and means a bunch of flowers. And it sure does make the name Olivia more whimsical and even more sweet in nature when paired together.

#52: Remi

Olivia Remi

Remi is a unisex name of French origin, meaning oarsman. While still being a traditional name, Remi is not as commonly used as other names can be, making it a unique choice for your daughter’s middle name. 

#53: Emerson

Olivia Emerson

Emerson is a surname of English origin that has been used as a given name for both boys and girls. The name Emerson means brave or powerful. As a unisex name, it pairs beautifully with Olivia. 

#54: Sage

Olivia Sage

Sage is a unisex name of Latin origin that means “wise”. The name Sage is a unique and stylish name that has a nature-inspired feel. As far as pronunciation and spelling, Sage is a straightforward and easy-to-remember name.

#55: Eloise

Olivia Eloise

Eloise is a French name that means “famous warrior”. Eloise is a charming, elegant, and timeless name that goes well with Olivia. I can even see a nick name being Livvie-El. That sounds like a name in itself!

#56: Violet

Olivia Violet

Violet is a feminine name of English origin that means “purple flower”. My great grandmother’s name was Violet and I’m quite partial to its beauty. Violet is a sweet, delicate, and timeless name that is easy to remember and versatile, making it a great choice for a middle name to Olivia. 

#57: Hazel

Olivia Hazel 

Hazel is a feminine name of English origin that means “the hazel tree”. Hazel has a charming and natural feel to it and goes so beautifully with the first name Olivia. It also beckons to a time gone by in its vintage flair. 

#58: Adelaide

Olivia Adelaide

Adelaide is a feminine name of German origin that means of noble birth. The name has a classic and elegant feel to it. Adelaide is a sophisticated, elegant, and timeless name that pairs perfectly with the first name Olivia.

#59: Maisie

Olivia Maisie

Maisie is a feminine name of Scottish origin that is a diminutive form of Margaret. The name means pearl. It’s a darling name that, when paired with Olivia, has a whimsical feel to it.

#60: Elsie

Olivia Elsie

The name Elsie is girl name of Scottish origin meaning pledged to God. Elsie is a sweet, charming, and unique name, perfect for the first name of Olivia. 

#61: Delilah

Olivia Delilah

Delilah is a name of Hebrew origin that means delicate. It ends with the same short a sound that Olivia ends it, giving it charm and whimsy. If you want something sing songy, this name pairing could be it!

#62: Grace

Olivia Grace

Grace is Latin in origin and means goodness. Grace has been a popular name for girls for generations and has consistently ranked in the top 100 names in the United States and United Kingdom. It’s a perfect middle name, timeless and classic, much like Marie. A great option for your daughter. 

#63: Jane

Olivia Jane

Jane is a classic and timeless name of English origin. The name means God is gracious. What a great meaning to give your little girls middle name. I like how Jane is a bit more plain in nature and Olivia has a sweet flair and the two paired together make a perfect balance.

#64: Margaret

Olivia Margaret 

Margaret is a classic and timeless name of Greek origin that means pearl. It’s a great choice for parents looking for a classic and elegant name for their daughter. I love this paired with Olivia. 

middle names for girl names

Final Tips on Choosing the Best Middle Name

There are countless options when it comes to choosing a middle name for a girl named Olivia. From traditional family names to unique and modern options, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you opt for a name that complements Olivia’s classic charm or one that adds a pop of personality, remember that the most important thing is to choose a middle name that feels right for you and your little one.

So take your time, consider all of your options, and choose a middle name that will perfectly complete your little Olivia’s name.

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