Remote Jobs for Moms Who Want to Stay at Home

Do you dream of working at home so you can be home with your children full-time? You can find remote jobs for moms and this article goes over just how to do that.

remote jobs for moms

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Many women desire to stay home with their children but need to supplement their income to do so. This is nothing new. In fact, this is what led me to work from home 18 years ago with my first son.

So many of us never thought we’d want to be home full-time until our first baby was born and then everything changes. Finances do still often dictate our abilities to be full-time mothers. We do live in a two-income world.

There are all sorts of ways to make money from home these days and in this article, we’re going to focus on remote jobs that will work well for moms who have little ones at home.

As a mom to little kids, you’ll want to figure out how to balance working and raising kids. I wrote an article all about how to work from home with baby that you’ll want to read.

remote jobs for moms

Remote jobs for moms

Can you find a full time job at home?

Yes, you can technically find full-time remote jobs.

Many customer service phone jobs hire full-time employees from home. However, realistically, you won’t be able to juggle those kinds of jobs while mothering little children without outside help.

If you can hire a babysitter to watch your children while you work that type of job it may work out, but that probably defeats the reason you want to be home with your children.

Having said that, there are great part-time options and we’ll discuss the best options for those of you who do need full-time income in order to stay home with your children.

What kind of jobs are best for full-time mothers?

While anything’s possible, there are some kinds of jobs that are better for mommy’s than others. Especially mothers of little tiny kids, such as babies and toddlers.

Why so I emphasis this? Because, I’ve been there and done that and remember how incredibly difficult it is to juggle both children and a demanding job from home.

So, while I’m never going to tell you that it’s impossible to work a full-time job from home and raise babies, I will be honest and share that it will be one of the hardest things you’ll do. 

So, instead of adding too much to your plate, why not look for jobs and opportunities that are easier to balance with kids? 

Jobs and motherhood can coexist.

Best jobs for mothers of littles

  • virtual assistance
  • freelance writing
  • data entry
  • transcription
  • email management
  • make and sell printables on Etsy (this is really hot right now)
  • start a blog
  • social media manager
  • bookkeeping
  • proofreader
  • become an influencer
  • youtuber
  • tutor
  • graphic designer

Where can you find remote work as a mother?

So, now you have some ideas of where to begin in your work at home journey, but how do you find the jobs and opportunities I’ve listed above?

If you’re new to work at home jobs, I recommend the following places to find remote jobs. 

  1. TheWorkatHomeWoman – this is a website all about working from home. I’m a writer for this website and know and trust the owner, Holly. She has a daily jobs newsletter you’ll want to sign up for in order to be notified of new remote jobs.
  2. TheWorkatHomeWife – this website is all about working from home and is written/run by Angie. She has a great section all about work at home jobs.
  3. FlexJobs – this is a job finding service that hunts down the remote job leads for you and puts them all together in an easy to search website. This does cost money but you’re paying for the service not the job. Never pay for a job.
  4. HireMyMom – this is another job finding service that is much smaller than FlexJobs in the amount of leads they serve to you. However, having been a member of this website in the past, and obtaining a few clients from it, I personally love and recommend this website.
  5. ElnaCain – this website is mostly about freelance writing. The author writes great content all about how to become a freelance writer and how to grow your freelance writing business.
  6. TheSideBlogger – what a great website for all things blogging and making printables to sell with Canva. It’s one of my favorite learning resources as a blogger myself and I highly recommend the site.
  7. Upwork and Fiverr – these are great websites to find jobs and create your own listings that business owners will then purchase and hire you for. So, whether you want to offer virtual assistant services or freelance writing or social media management and much more, I highly recommend Upwork and Fiverr for those just starting out.

More ideas of where to find jobs from home

If you’ve scoured the websites above and are just having a hard time finding what you need, I recommend the following ideas.

  • Network – tell people in your online circle that you’re interested in starting a job from home. Be specific with your skills or the type of work you’re interested in. I have gotten more than one position from home because of networking.
  • Join FB groups – find and join Facebook groups that successful entrepreneurs frequent. You may be surprised at how many jobs or gigs you can pick up just by being part of an FB group, watching for job ads to pop up. – side note: make sure you don’t advertise your services unless this is allowed. However, if someone posts something asking “how did you find your virtual assistant”, you are likely fine to pop on and let them know you are a VA and would love to work with them.
  • Create a website – if you want to offer services like virtual assistance, freelance writing, social media management and things of that nature, I highly recommend a basic website listing your services, rates, availability, and who you are/how to reach you. Not only is this great for landing clients but it can also be used when applying to remote jobs as well.

In the end, you can work from home and raise little kids

Yes, it is very doable to work from home while raising children.

The advice offered in this article is a great place to start. Click thru the links and resources and begin the search.

While not always easy to make a full-time living from home, it is doable. And if you’re only looking for part-time or less, just enough to supplement your income, it shouldn’t be hard to find a job from home.


I recommend the following as an edge to getting hired:

  • your resume is up to snuff
  • you write out a thoughtful cover letter for each job you apply to
  • record a video introduction that you can send along with your cover letter and resume


I love this resume and cover letter template! You can easily edit to make it your own and have a professional looking cover letter and resume for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone.

This article all about how to make a video resume is great. You’ll want to read over the tips before creating your own video resume.

Anything to stand out from the crowd is going to help you in landing a job or clients from home. 

Happy job searching!

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remote jobs for moms

XOXO, Nell

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