Self Care Ideas for Moms

Are you overwhelmed, overworked, tired, and close to burnout? Are you looking for self care ideas for moms?

self care tips for moms

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Self-care is for anyone but if any one group of people needs it more, I’d say it would be moms.

Most mothers are professionals at juggling many roles, responsibilities, and putting others first. We aren’t always the best at recognizing when we need to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first so we can help those around us.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what self care is, how to incorporate it into our daily lives, and a long list of self care ideas especially suited for moms.

self care for moms

Self care ideas for moms


What is the definition of self-care?

According to the Google search results, self-care is: “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s health.” 

I think many of us can admit that taking care to improve our mental, emotional, and physical health is a good goal to aim for.

I know that self care is often an overused term. Many people might roll their eyes thinking it just means taking a “bath” or “getting your nails done”, but please hear me out…self-care is much more than what you typically think of when you hear the term.

According to Southern New Hampshire University “Engaging in a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and more.”

As mothers, we can certainly use the stress reduction and increased happiness that often comes along with self care.

Self care for moms – start here

A gentle reminder before we get into the self-care ideas, as a mother of little children it can be difficult to get basic daily needs met. However, it’s so important that you prioritize basic self-care everyday.

  • get your water intake in
  • get the recommended amount of sleep
  • eat 3 healthy meals a day
  • move your body
  • and get fresh air/sunlight

I know it can be difficult to get sleep, especially if you have a baby. If you can, it’s recommended by many experts to nap when the baby naps. Leave the laundry, nap when you can get the time. Even if just for a few minutes, grabbing a nap when you’re a sleep deprived mother is vital to physical and mental health.

It will also do your mind and body a world of good to get out daily, walking with your baby. This not only gets your body moving but also helps ones mental health to be out in fresh air and sunlight.

Self care ideas

  1. take a hot relaxing bath or shower – add a bath bomb or essential oils for aromatherapy
  2. read a chapter of your favorite book
  3. listen to your favorite podcast
  4. listen to music and dance around the house
  5. grab a favorite blanket and snuggle on the couch with your favorite show
  6. get your hair and nails done
  7. spend time meditating or in prayer
  8. journal in your gratitude journal
  9. do some stretches/Yoga
  10. introduce yourself to ASMR on YouTube, spend 30 minutes relaxing to it
  11. learn how to hand embroider
  12. learn how to knit or crochet
  13. draw a picture
  14. paint a picture
  15. take photos of nature
  16. take a walk
  17. go to the lake and walk on in the sand
  18. start a little herb garden
  19. water your plants while listening to music
  20. walk the dog
  21. go for a swim
  22. take your vitamins
  23. ride a bike
  24. set aside 30 minutes to have a good old fashion phone call with a friend
  25. look through photo albums
  26. bake something tasty
  27. turn your phone off
  28. have a spa day at home
  29. spray essential oils on your bedding and rest
  30. write a self care journal
  31. buy a heated blanket and get cozy
  32. snuggle your kids in bed with a cute movie
  33. sit in silence
  34. take a well deserved nap
  35. Improve your sleeping experience with essential oils, soft music, rain sounds, white noise, soft bedding
  36. go back to bed after the baby has been fed and is napping
  37. enjoy a refreshing skin care routine
  38. start a blog to journal your thoughts on being a mommy
  39. edit who you follow on social – if someone is adding stress to your life, pause them or stop following them
  40. spend time watching funny cat videos on TikTok – and don’t feel bad about it!
  41. write a letter to your children
  42. write a letter to your younger self
  43. go to church/read your Bible
  44. go to the library
  45. create a cozy nook for reading
  46. get together with girlfriends
  47. have a date night with your significant other
  48. sing in the shower
  49. watch a comedy show
  50. get an adult coloring book and colored pencils
  51. learn about slow living and make it a practice
  52. call your parents and reminisce about your childhood memories
  53. take a class and learn something new
  54. learn how to love your life no matter what it looks like and speak gratitude over your life
  55. sleep as much as possible – you’re a new mom and you need sleep (notice how I’m drilling that home? It’s important!)
  56. put together a puzzle
  57. try a new recipe
  58. stay in your pj’s and make it a relaxing day
  59. go for a scenic drive
  60. change your sheets and bedding

mom self care ideas

Make self-care a priority and schedule it in

Putting yourself first, even if in small moments in the day may not come naturally, as we mother’s often put everyone else first before ourselves. Having said that, you will burn out quickly if you don’t make yourself a priority.

These self care ideas for moms aren’t just something fun to do in your day, they’re meant to help you relax, unwind, catch a break from your busy day, and do something enjoyable.

Put yourself first, mama. You deserve a break.

You may need to schedule self care in and have the expectation of realism for how the day might go. After all, you’re a mommy and plans can change on a dime when you have little kids. Make a plan to have a hot bath, grab a nap while the baby sleeps, and color a page in your favorite coloring book – but be ready to have those plans altered and be okay with that.

Happy relaxation, mama.

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self care for new moms

XOXO, Nell

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